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A Complete Must-Have Wedding Day Emergency Kit Checklist

A FREE Emergency Kit to help you be better prepared on your wedding day or any party.

When you think of your wedding day, the last thing on your mind is any kind of emergencies and unfortunately, it seems that's when some happens. Last month I was a bridesmaid and had first row seat to those pesky emergencies.

So how can you avoid them? You can't! But you can get better prepared to deal with them. 

First thing is assigning your kit to someone NOT in your wedding party. That cousin that stopped by to wish your well, can take it with them and keep it near by after you use what ever you needed at the hotel. This list is as complete as it gets and follow this guide and you'll be well prepared for your big day.

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How to Make Homemade Sushi Cups

Skip the wait for your favorite sushi and make this homemade sushi recipe right in your kitchen

You guys know I'm a big fan of homemade restaurant's favorites. One of my favorite is sushi rolls. Now, don't put a plate of fresh octopus and other uncooked fish in front of me, I don't love it like that. But I do love on the occasion a nice California Roll with some Sake. So anytime, I run into a homemade recipe, I have to share.

So what do you need this favorite dish?

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Stunning DIY Bridal Shower Wine Bottles Centerpiece

Easy to create wine bottle centerpieces that sure to impress your guests.

I (think) I'm finally getting into the swing of back to school and doing homework and ubering my son around from Martial Arts to basketball to what ever other activity he decides to enroll my free time in. Now that I have a little time, I can share this super easy DIY centerpieces that I created for my friend's bridal shower.

First I have to tell you guys, it took us for ever to come up with the concept. Myself and two other bridesmaids were in charge of the bridal shower festivities. Of course, I was put in charge of decorations. Our ideas was for something simple, classy and budget-friendly. After some back and forth and Pinterest browsing, we came up with this rustic-themed with wine bottles centerpieces.

Want to know how we created this look? KEEP READING!

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Hey There! Welcome to The Party. Come on in and Grab some Wine.

Welcome! First thank you for taking the time to stop by my little corner of this world. This page is dedicated to DIYers, the hostess, the Budget Brides, offbeat brides, mommys, and everyone who loves to entertain their family and friends. You can expect to find great articles from industry professionals, as well as my own designs and stories. If you have a question or even a suggestion, do not hesitate to email me I love hearing from my followers. Don't forget to share this blog around.

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