26 Party Trends That Need To STOP!

26 Party Trends That Need To STOP - EventSoJudith

We're half way through with 2017 and if you're planning on hosting a party or planning on getting married this year, you have a little over three months to get your set your plans. No that wasn't a typo, If you haven't booked your venue and contacted a planner yet, you are behind in the planning process. No worries, I'll help as much as I can, but you really need to book a venue NOW!

For the rest of us, venue is booked and date is set, you finally decided on a theme and now it's time to add in all the bells and whistles that's going to make your party epic. Before you start jotting down ideas and games, If you haven't read 19 Money-Saving Tips for Your Next Party, now would be a great time to go and read it.

26 Party Trends That Need To STOP - EventSoJudith, Money Savings Tips, Trends, Weddings, Parties

Back to the party, with the explosion of social media, ideas are a dime a dozen. While we all want to thinking of games, food ideas and decorations, remember your budget and all those overused ideas floating around on Instagram and Facebook. Some of those ideas are well, outdated, expensive or just plain old tacky. I know I'm going to get some resistance to some of these but if you think about it, some of those ideas are money-suckers and can put a dent in your party budget.

Less is better and keeping things simple and classy is always in.

What are some of those ideas I speak of? And these not withstanding the over-the-top parties that I've seen on Pinterest, which also need to stop, some of these trends are just a waste of time and money and no one will miss them.

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How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget | Budget Guide

How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget | Budget Guide

Let's talk about the "B" word. We all say it at least once a month and each month we almost regret it. No not that B word, the other one - BUDGET - the thing we all set out to do but at times fail. Whether you're planning for a wedding, birthday, buying a new home, buying a call or starting a family, we all try to do some type of budgeting to help cover and anticipate expenses. Here's the problem (for some of us anyways) we never stick to our budget. And don't get me wrong I'm not a financial expert so you guys would have to consult with one of them to get a little bit more detail on what you can do to stick to it.

So let's keep it to what I do know, weddings and parties. I don't normally discuss my dealings with clients, except I'll say this, I was contracted for a wedding where the bride "was running out of money" and all that was booked was the venue - JUST THE VENUE. Which by the way for some odd reason didn't come with chairs, just tables. She was stuck with no decorations, no dishes, no centerpieces, nothing but a beautiful empty room.

Let's look at how something like this could have happened.

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Grilled Vegetarian Kabobs

Grilled Vegetarian Kabobs, Veggie Sides, BBQ for Vegan

With summer officially in full swing and Fourth of July just days away, it's time to scrub & clean those gas or charcoal grills and brushed up on your BBQ skills. For the most part you can throw a few burgers and hot dogs on the grill and everyone would be happy, but this summer - step it up!

So you decided on hosting a BBQ this Fourth, run to the store and picked up all the necessities, burgers, hot dogs, bread, juice, sodas, beers and wine coolers. Your grill is all fired up and ready to go. You finally have a chance to wear that cute Old Navy tank top and those pineapple shorts. You're anticipating about 20 hungry family and friends, all confirmed. Then it hits you, your out-of-town cousin is coming and she's a vegan. Your sister is on another diet. And your local grocery store had a great sale on all fresh produce and vegetables and you stocked up. Corn on the cob is a crowd's favorite, but how about something a little different?

What to serve? How about a Grilled Vegetarian Kabobs. (that you might even get the kids to eat because let's face it, anything on a stick is delicious).

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