Oh-So-Merry Christmas-Winter Wedding πŸŽ„

With Christmas days away and engagement season in full swing, some brides-to-be may be looking at next year's holiday season for their nuptials. But before you send out those invitations and book that venue, read some pros and cons of hosting a Christmas wedding.

Like any weddings at anytime, budgeting is the best way to keep cost down and stay within your budget. Planning a Wedding on a Budget takes time and careful planning. So what can you do to make the best of your Christmas or Winter wedding?

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GUEST POST: The Good and the Bad of Destination Weddings | Written by Kiley Morrow

Indigo Hotel, Haiti Wedding, Destination Wedding
Source: https://www.joshuadwain.com
location: Club Indigo Hotel in Haiti

The Good and the Bad of Destination Weddings Destination weddings are becoming more popular by the day. If you are planning to have an outstanding wedding, a destination wedding might just be the way to go.

The decision to have your wedding at a distant vacation spot rather than your hometown will probably be informed by the many awesome experiences that a destination wedding promises. What you need to remember is that a destination wedding has both pros and cons. Do not overlook the cons, no matter how excited you become about your wedding.

Here are some realities about destination weddings you need to consider before making a decision on what kind of wedding to have.

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GUEST POST: Wedding Decor - Flowers and Their Meaning | Written by Ashley Keith

Wedding Decor, Flowers, Floral Centerpiece

A wedding is a one-of-kind occasion for the couple as well as the guests. The union of the two people can bring tears as the magic of their love manifests in the appearance and aura of the ceremony. The venue for the ceremony and the reception are well-constructed as each detail defines a part of the couple's relationship.

The setting and theme of the wedding depend on the couple's taste and preference. Some partners enjoy the taste of nature. Hence, they settle for a garden wedding. A wedding garden venue wouldn't be complete without flowers. Flowers do not only add beauty to the venue. Each flower has a meaning you can use to send a message to guests and loved ones. Moreover, you can use it to express your feeling and thoughts.

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