FEAR! The biggest dreams killer since the beginning of times.

I know at some point we "mompreneurs" felt guilty about spending a little less time with the kiddies and a bit more more time building our empires.  I feel like that at times and I rationalize it by telling myself, that I am working for our future.  Sometimes, we work ourselves to pure exhaustion in trying to do it all.  As I grow and learn in both my business and personal life, I learned that
taking a timeout is one of the best thing for me. I am far from an expert on coaching or anything like that, the ideas that I'm giving to you are coming from my experience and of those around me whom I trust.

First, let's just make it clear, taking a timeout does NOT mean a week or two, that's a vacation. Some days, I don't feel like sitting in front of computer or working on tablescapes, some days, I just vegetate in front of the TV with my little prince either watching Disney JR, a Heat game, or catching up on DVR shows.  AND THAT'S JUST OKAY WITH ME.  The first time that I realize that I did not have to work 24-7 was deliberating.  What's the old saying, "work smarter not harder." 

Second, as in my event planning business, I do a lot of research browsing the web for cool new ideas that i can implement in one of my future events.  So, investing in a tablet was another great thing for me.  Now there are drawbacks to that, you may find yourself lounge on sectional with the tablet and not really working, and that's when DISCIPLINE must come in.  I'm guilty of that too, but I remember clients don't pay me to just "surf" the web.  And if you are going to surf make sure it is useful surfing and not just looking the latest news on Justin Bieber.

Third, figuring out your "peak time."  For me, it's late night, which may not always be the best thing because I go to bed late and still wake up early (which is why those timeouts are important from time to time). Some of us thinks better at 5:00 am while others don't really get going until 10:00 am. You know which time periods are your most productive.  Like I said, mine is late. After take care of dinner, get my son ready for bed, and a little TV, I'm ready to go.  Now differentiate between productive time and just busy time.  I found that I tend to answer all my emails mid-morning early afternoon so that leaves my evenings for other things.  And there is no such thing as an "URGENT" email in my opinion.  There may be urgent calls but not emails.  If it's that important, you will get a call not someone sitting behind a computer, typing, and demanding and answer that can wait for the next day.  

Last but certainly not least, evaluate your energy drainers.  Those may come in the form of a difficult client (yes we all have those), hunger, the ex, traffic, or your body just telling you to slow down.  I've learned that addressing those situations are always the best and actually have a self conversation (not out loud) but I really do ask myself, WILL THIS MATTER AND MAKE MY DAY EASIER?  If the answer is a big NO, then I just breathe deep and ride it out.  If the answer is yes, I'll address it. In a case of a client, often times, they are nervous and want everything to be perfect, and I just let them know, they hired me to worry about the details or to help.  There is always a plan B.  I learned not to take things personal. Life is short.  and often times, our own minds create a far worst situation then there really is.  

Being a mompreneur is a lot of sacrifice and hard work.  But through Faith and trust in yourself and  your real purpose for going into business (aside for the financial freedom down the road) you can achieve success.  Of course that will not happen overnight.  But your a mother, that's the hardest job any woman can have.


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