DJ vs. Live Band


The best way I could deal with that topic is to ask our very DJDestruct his views on both and here what he had so say:

The two sounds different. With technology music played from a computerized system may sound better with bass speakers while the band may be using instruments that you really can't fine tune to the exact songs that are produced in a studio.

A band will have a certain type of genre of music that they played and that may not be a crowd-pleaser, while a DJ have more range of music he/she can mix.

A band may not be able to play ALL night and have to take a break, while a DJ can mix all night.  If you go see to those places that have live bands, usually there is an intermission where a DJ plays and give the band a break.

A live band may cost more than the DJ. A band may be have 5 members that have to be paid and that cost must come from some where.

A live band have more control at times over explicit lyrics while a DJ's music list may have explicit songs. I carry both type clean and not-so clean music.  I have songs from hip pop to reggae to rock.  I play to the crowd.  Once I know what type of party and the average guests that will be there, I put a set together to work off, but I always play depending on the crowd. Don't get me wrong, there are great live bands that plays a wide variety of songs and music and are great at what they do.  So the preference is really on the host and also the type of event you're having.

Well, there is is.  You heard here first.  What I got from the interview both have their pros and cons.  You have to consider your budget, the event, and your guests.

For booking please contact DJDestruct at 954-683-3328


If you're visiting south Florida and you're downtown Hollywood in Broward County, you may want to check out some live reggae music at:

  • 1908 Hollywood Blvd
  • Phone number (954) 873-1782

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