Breakfast at Tiffany Theme Centerpiece

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I wanted to come up with an elegant party theme and centerpiece that a bride-to-be or special milestone birthday gal can use. I have to admit, although the concept was easy, I mean who doesn't love Audrey Hepburn, but finding the "right" Tiffany Blue was not. I also wanted to incorporate different items to really bring the theme to life, like the iconic bag, glasses, pearls, and diamonds. 

First let me breakdown some of the obstacles and later in the post I will go over how I overcome each of them.

To start off with the color is a very specific and special color. I had ordered the chevron napkin, which I love and matched perfectly with the actual color. I had also ordered a overlay to go along with it, which when I received it was more turquoise-blue and Tiffany Blue. So of course, I could not use it and I opted for a white poly tablecloth .  

Next, anyone who is familiar with my designs knows how much I love to incorporate gift boxes on the table. On one of my many visits to Michaels, I spotted some Tiffany Blue boxes, of course I didn't get them (ugh) and when I went back for them, ALL GONE. So I had to turn to the Etsy. The problem was, since this was  showroom setup, I didn't need 50 boxes just 2 to 3 boxes, which was difficult to find. So then I decided to just make some boxes myself and that way I don't have to be stuck with a simple small square box. Now came the task of finding a paint that would match the color. While on Etsy, I found a seller that was selling Tiffany & Co. inspired bags and I ordered 2, not really knowing if they would be true to the real thing, and I was so excited and hype when I got my bags. It felt real and the name was printed on there as oppose to a sticker.

Back to the boxes, after much Google search, I found a reference to the paint to use to achieve the Tiffany Blue look,

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It was the perfect color. I also picked up paper mache boxes from Michaels, you can use the plain white box that they have there, but remember they already have a finishing coating on them and the paper mache boxes don't and make it easier to absorb the color. With either a roll brush or a sponge brush, I painted my boxes with even easy strokes until it reached the desired shade.

I brought white satin ribbons, now depending on the size of your boxes, you could either get the wider ribbon or smaller like the one below.  The pearls are actually part of my jewelry collection and the big diamond rings are actually napkin rings which served duo purposes. And last don't forget the diamond stone rocks which I used in the vase and around

I also used used a Tiffany Blue ribbon to tie around the rose bouquet. It covered the rubber band that was used to hold it together.

A while back I found these little silver small Eiffel towers (where else at Michaels, at this point I need to buy stock in the company). In any case, I added one with the pearls, my handmade box, and big diamond rings. I added my Coach glasses to the side of the bag for added effect. Make a note, that the centerpiece is sitting on a round mirror. I love the reflection that I get with it. 

I used a martini glass and water glass. I really wanted to keep up with the theme, so I took a trip to my local liquor store and voila, Bacardi Party Drinks. Now Ignore the name Zombie, I mean who is going to see the name if you pour it out a fancy container.

And there you have it friends, Breakfast at Tiffany (my way). Perfect for a bridal shower or a special birthday.  I hope you enjoyed this post. Drop me a comment below or email me for booking information.

With love,

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