Easy DIY Printed Menu Favor Bags

Its DIY Tuesday!

This is bag is cute and easy to create.

I am really excited to share this cool and super easy DIY project that I did a few weeks ago. What I love about these is that not only the bags served as a menu, but also a favor bag, which in my book is a winner as they save you big on those often times pricey personalize favors and custom menus.

What you will need:

1. Small bags
2. Purple ribbon (or your theme color)
3. Decorative stickers
4. Printer
5. Tape
6. Hole puncher


I have to confess that I went through three or four bags before I got it right but I was very happy with the end results. 
Now let's get started, open Microsoft Word and go to the page layout tab and click on size tab. Change your paper size to 5x10 (width 5"; height 10"). This is the size of the envelopes that I got. A great way to know your margin size is to go by the size of the envelope. It should be noted on there. Next, align your paragraph to center your text and change your margins as follow: 
  • left 0.7"
  • right 0.7"
  • bottom 0.7"
*The top margin is set at 1" move the cursor down another inch and half to start typing half way down your envelope. Later I will explain the importance of this move. I added a border to my envelope but you can choose to omit if you want. Also there are several type of borders that you can add to add a little extra special touch to your envelopes.
Next, insert your bag with the folded side facing up AND with the opening facing the printer. I used tape to lightly taped the folds down to avoid it getting caught in the printer as it feeds through. If your printer feeds differently, make sure that the front of the bag is where you are printing onto. If you are not sure, use a blank sheet of paper and test your printing feed.

Remember earlier, I said to make sure to move your cursor half way down, here is the reason, you see how the top of the bag is folded down, if I didn't move the cursor down and printed the Mr. & Mrs Smith higher, the fold would have covered it. Don't feel bad if you mess up a few, that's all part of the fun.

I fold the bags to the front and using a hole puncher, punch two holes about two inches apart. Thread your ribbon through and tie. Finally I used a sticker, which I purchased from Michaels and place it in the middle sealing the opening of the bag to the bag.

And there you have it, instant favor/menu bags. Now the great thing is Michaels carry different colors and size to fit your needs.  You can print pictures or whatever else you want.

Drop me a note or email and let us see your bags.

With love,

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