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Is that Wedding Dress to Sexy?

Hello friends,

How sexy is to sexy when it comes down to wedding gowns?

Take a look at that wedding dress to the left, would you walk down the aisle with it as your parents and in-laws sits there and watch in disbelief as you walk? Would you have a church ceremony with this particular gown on? Now, I know most brides want to be beautiful on their wedding day but when is it to much? Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying dress in a full 1900's Victorian-styled dress, but you have to admit (in my opinion, anyways) there is such thing as "to much skin exposure" for a wedding dress.

We have noticed the overly sexy trend in today's society but as I think of my wedding day (some day), I want to be remembered as a beautiful and classy bride, not to mention drop dead gorgeous and I don't think think having my entire back or a slit all the way to the top of thigh as being the way to convey that message.  
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Nowadays, the overly sexy bride-to-be has become more and more prevalent walking down the aisle. We see a celebrity with a super high-waist slit gown, and we want it, okay, at least some of us. I mean that is where a lot of the trends starts. But come on people! there's nothing wrong with sticking to tradition with a touch of sexiness and class.  Your dress will be the talk of your ceremony. Not the heartfelt vows or that the flower girl or super cute ring bearer, no the talk will be, "did you see that dress?" "What was she thinking?" I know that is not the type of comments I want to hear. Let's take a look at other risque gowns that are making their ways down an aisle near you. 


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Whether or not this makes me sounds boring or old fashion, well that is a matter of opinion, but just to be sure, I asked some friends and they agree with my take on things. Classy mixed with subtle sexiness makes a beautiful wedding gown and not have you look like you are on your way to the club. I know, I know, you want to show off that gym-clean-eating-yoga body, but I suggest waiting for the appropriate time and venue, like South Beach or the gym.  

My point is having your parents, your future in-laws, maybe even your children, at your wedding ceremony may may not be the right time to have a barely there dress exposing too much legs or skin period.

What is your take on the subject?

With love,

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