Simple Thanksgiving Table Setting

It's that time of year again. One of my favorite, the holiday season. Especially the Thanksgiving holiday surrounded by family and close friends.

The time of the year when family and friends get together for that ohhhh so delicious feast. The time of the year when people take the time to openly acknowledged what they are grateful for and not complain about what they don't have or wish they had.  I have to also confess to another reason it's one of my favorite, the universal permission to eat like it's our last meal, turkey, stuffing, cranberry, gravy, rice and peas, sweet potato pie, pumpkin, etc... just to name a few of the so many dishes eaten at Thanksgiving.

Now forget all these decked out Thanksgiving tables you see in pictures, you know the one that leaves no room for the actual food, well you can have a beautiful tabletop that will wow your family and friends with all the fuss. I always say those over the top table settings are just for pictures and show and not actually to be used for dinner.  Keep reading and check out all the pictures.

First are my essentials:

Serving plates a.k.a Charger Plates
Dinner plate
Dessert plate
Wine or champagne glass 
Water glass
Knife, fork, spoons
A beautiful table runner or tablecloth

On my last Homegoods shopping trip, I found these beautiful red glasses with gold rims and I thought how beautiful they would look on a Thanksgiving table. These crimson flutes and water goblets are the best and they go great with my fall centerpiece. If you are not a fan of red glasses, I noticed they had gold, blue, and even green. And by the way, I'm not offended by different colors at the table. Remember fall is colorful and bright so don't worry about having everything matching perfectly. That is the beauty of this time of year, well at least if you live in regions with a real fall season, down here in south Florida, the only we know it's fall is by looking at our calendar.  

I added my bling Korbel bottle for extra added touch, yes I made them myself and actually made a few for friends and people who wanted them. I added fall leaves in a tall cylinder vase filled with color water. Use different size vase with different size candles for added effect. You can find the leaves at Michaels or even your local Dollar Tree store, if your goal is to try to keep cost down. You can always opt for real flowers or arrangements, for that you have to visit your local florist or you can have a pre-made centerpiece done for you by one of those places. But remember, those tend to be on the pricey side.

Now, I have both a cloth napkin and paper napkin.  I wanted to show you both styles, so you can decide, which best fits you.  The easier and more affordable option might will be the paper napkins, because I'm sure you don't just happen to have a dozen gold cloth napkins, (and if you do, great you'll be saving on having to buy napkins).  I think which ever design you go with, it will be pretty and work well with your theme.  with the cloth napkin, I folded it over a salad plate and rested on top is this fake decorative pumpkin that I purchase from Dollar Tree. The second option is to fold a fork and knife set in a color napkin tied with ribbon with a decorative fall leaf. Both looks great. The service plate or charger plates, you can get at Michaels. Again, this goes to your preference. Although, not a must to have, I just personally love them. But for you think about whether or not you will be using them in the future. No need to make unnecessary purchase for a one-time use, especially with Christmas shopping around the corner. You don't have to use red plates, plain old white plates will be fine. With either choice of paper napkin or cloth napkin it will look great.

And there you have a simple yet chic table setting for your Thanksgiving feast that will surely impress your family and friends. The finish result is simple and easy on the budget. After all, your money should go to the turkey and all the trimmings. 

I hope this post has inspired you to get creative at Thanksgiving. And just because you're having a small gathering or a not so dressy dinner, your table can still look great. 

Be Inspired!

With love,

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