10 Holiday Party Ideas to WOW your Guests

'Tis the season! Whether you're hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, a Christmas party or New Year's Eve bash, we're all looking forward to spending time with family and friends. When your guests stay dancing long after the music ended and the DJ started packing his turn-tables, that's when you know you had a successful party. So to help you get that special recognition, I compiled a list of 10 things that will wow your guests and make your party a success. 

Let's take a look...

1. Chandon holiday limited edition Blanc de Noirs 2015 bottles. How cute are these bottles? Even if you're not a wine drinker, you have to admit these are a must have at your bar and tables.
Chandon 2015 holidy limited edition bottle, eventsojudith, wine, party wine

2. Well you need somewhere to keep all your Chandon wine, right? How about this gorgeous wine glass stand. This is a great investment if your an avid host or hostess and in my opinion money well spent. This wine glass cooler is not only stylish but also a great conversation piece. Believe me your guests will be impress with this cooler.

wine cooler, wine glass cooler, eventsojudith

3. Let's say you decide to serve beers at your party (after all not everyone enjoys a nice glass of wine) but you hate having those annoying beer bottle tops all over the place, well here is a solution. This little gadget not only open the bottle but also serve as a top collector, just empty it out and voila! no mess or stepping on any bottles that was accidentally thrown on the floor while dancing.

beer bottle catcher, eventsojudith

4. Next is these super cute DIY straw flags. Easy to do yourself and stylish, plain straws are so boring. 
black and white straws, staw flags, diy straw flags, eventsojudith

5. Who doesn't enjoy doing shots and Russian Roulette? Here is a the perfect idea. Now that's a game you can't lose.
Shot glass roulette, drinking glasses, eventsojudith

6. Your party decorations should be both festive and eye catching. I love the simplicity of the centerpiece below but also a great way to tie your centerpiece to your Christmas party. You can even substitute silver glitter balls for a New Year's Eve bash. In this instance, giant martini glass (but you can also use smaller ones purchased from Michaels store) and fill them with ornaments or anything that reminds you of the holidays like candy canes, fake snow, or mistletoe.  

Christmas centerpiece, eventsojudith, pinterest
Source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/348888302354378798/

7. I found this beautiful sequin dress on MonifC.com. I love the fact that she caters to the "plus" size woman or as I like to call them NORMAL size woman. Sequin is always a great holiday idea. 
Gold sequin dress, holiday dress, monif c, eventsojudith

8. Let's not forget the appetizers.  I love meatballs and to pair with bourbon, well invite me to that feast. The recipe link is below the picture.

meatball recipe, appetizers, party food, eventsojudith

9. Another great idea is this Cherry Cheesecake Shooter by The Pioneer Woman. Anytime you serve food or dessert in a wine glass, it's a good idea. Recipe below.

cheesecake shooters, dessert, party dessert, eventsojudith

10. This easy DIY wine glasses will also be a hit. You can go out and buy expensive decorative glasses or get some gold sharpies and create magic. Instructions below.

DIY wine glass word designs, craft, sharpies, eventsojudith

There you have it folks, 10 items that will WOW your guests at your next holiday party. Let me know if you use any of them.


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