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To summarize the beginning of the year CRAY-CRAY!

As you can see, my last post was January 2, and then things went down hill from there. First off, my son started school which was a big adjustment for us both. And no, he is not happy to be there.  In fact, every day (both mornings and nights), I get a list of reasons as to why he would be better off with his sitter, Ms. Ida.  He's not really eating school, because my kid is such a finicky eater. And then my baby got a fever and stomach aches, most likely from NOT wanting weird texture food in his mouth. Before the sickness, I had to deal with homework, which I wasn't use to "really" doing with him.  I also came to the realization, as well as he articulate his thoughts, writing and reading is a n entire different beast altogether.  So after a quick visit to the local Dollar Tree, which carries great books and school materials for different ages, I'm all ready to add pre-k teacher to my growing jobs list.

That should have been the end of the craziness right?  Think again.

I made the decision that this year I was going to get my health and body back under control.  Let's face it, Justin was now 4 years old, I think the "baby fat" excuse had ran out and honestly I was running out of excuses as to why I'm not taking better care of myself. So I sign up with Advocare and did the 24-day Challenge, (I was not paid or am I promoting it, but wanted to share with you guys what I'm trying, please consult with a physician and health professional before doing anything new).  I can tell you after a week, I lost 7 pounds with few changes and better awareness of what I'm eating and incorporating a exercise into my life. So maybe it will for you maybe not. Like I said, I just started and so far, I'm happy with what I'm seeing.  

Speaking of exercise, it's not easy for me to go to a gym so, I turned to the Internet for alternative ways to workout, and boy am I glad I found Chris Freytag's YouTube videos.  She is AWESOME. Her directions and her body motivates me.  Now, I've done kickboxing in the past, so I am a little familiar with what is expected and I have to tell you, I felt like I was in the gym again.  I also started doing yoga again.  And my advice to you, START SLOW!!! I thought to myself, I know all the poses and names, I did a few sun salutations, I know the proper way to breathe and posture while working out, so I went to the advance videos, but let me tell you my friends, my body quickly reminded me what inactivity due to your joints, muscles, and flexibility, so needless to say I'm right back to a beginner level and still work up a good sweat.

So you thought everything was under control, or no, I got sick and had a sinus infection.  Put everything together and you got yourself a recipe for every reasons to be committed into the funny farm.   I tried to keep up with my Instagram account but it wasn't the same as talking to you guys from here.  I wasn't writing.  The great thing I did manage to do was to keep my thoughts, future posts ideas, DIY ideas in my little notebook for when I'm ready to pick things back up.  Finally, I'm slowly making my way back or I should say get things a little under control.  I mean that's what being a mom is all about, learning to balance everything with a smile.

So, if you are where I was just last week, try some of these ideas:

YOGA - great way to start getting some flexibility and also a great workout without risking shinsplints and she's great. 

KICKBOXING with Chris Freytag - you will be surprise how good you feel after punching and kicking those imaginary stressors in your life like that light bill, the guy that cut you off, or your sinuses trying to take you down.

PLAN - another great thing I started doing (because of Advocare) is to plan my meals for the week. This is huge. One it helps me control how much I eat and most importantly with week meals done and package in the fridge, that's one less thing I have to think about after work, picking up my son, or while driving.  Think of doing a your meal prep on Sundays and maybe on Wednesdays. You can even season meat and packaged them in a freezer bag and when it's time to cook it, just take out and defrost. You can even assign the task of taking it out to the kids or hubby who are just waiting for you anyways to cook it. Look at that, the entire family is helping with dinner.

(below: baked lemon-peppered salmon, sweet potatoes, salad, ground beef (93% lean), wheat spaghetti (which taste great), baked chicken, and brown rice. For added "dressing" I use lemon juice which mixed with the food, gives a great added taste)

CONFIDANT - find that special someone that will allow you 10 minutes of venting and then release your problems to the universe and trust that everything will make sense and fall in place.  Trust me that helps as you may find that you are not alone in trying to be a superwoman.

DO NOTHING - this comment may be controversy, but honestly sometimes you just need to relax and watch mindless television or hangout with the kids. Catch up on those DVR shows, or play a game of Superman vs. The Joker with your kid(s). Always thinking of all those chores and tasks that are waiting for you will drive you crazy, so just allow yourself some time to relax and let your mind rest. I believe in writing great post contents. So I rather wait when my mind is completely in it before just writing anything to share with my readers. The same with my party designs, I have a few fresh ideas that I will be sharing in the upcoming weeks. So stay tuned for that.  

FORGIVENESS - you really can't do it all by yourself, not at once anyways.  As a single mom, I know what it's like trying to do everything and let me tell you, even if you are doing a great job (which most moms do) YOUR needs will fall through the cracks.  You are so focus on the kids, hubby, house, jobs, that you forgot you.  Being happy and staying sane starts with taking care of your mind, body, and soul.  You can't take care of the world, if you are falling apart. Take the cape off and have yourself a glass of wine or some tea.  YOU DESERVE IT. 

Have another great way you can strive for balance, share it with us or email me at eventsojudith@gmail.com


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