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The Pinterest Effect | 19 Money-saving Tips for Your Next Party

pinterest effect on designing parties and weddings
By now, you have either seen, heard of, or use Pinterest. For those of you who are not too familiar with the site, Pinterest is a social media platform, which allows its users to share, pin, and like just about ANYTHING, take a look EventSoJudith Pinterest Page.

I love Pinterest along with the 70 million reported users. So it now only make sense as a business to have a Pinterest page, but also it serves as a great source of inspiration for brides, hostess, and event coordinators, and there lies the problem.

You all seen it, the wedding with floral runners all the tables with crystal chandeliers. The Paris-themed baby shower with super tall replicas of the Eiffel tower. The milestone Chanel themed birthday, and we're thinking, I want a party or wedding just like that, but what's not added on those beautiful crop photos are the costs associated with such lavish events.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's impossible, I'm saying it can get very expensive. Now, if you're Oprah, having the champagne imported for Paris is chump change, but for the rest of us that means making sure we don't blow our budget on expensive minor details. Don't fret, having that beautiful expensive-looking party is all about having the right details in the right place.

19 Money-saving Tips for Your Next Party

  1. Review the details in your photographer package. Most often, the photographer can custom fit your package to fit exactly what you need. I mean do you really need 250 wallet-size prints or 100 shots of people eating. So ask find out if they offer a package where you choose based on the pictures that you like, how many prints to have.
  2. Before ordering those expensive invitations, ask if they have any specials. Maybe the less fancy but still beautiful digital press may be cheaper than the engraved invitations but if 90% of your guests take them and throw them out, it's money been thrown in the garbage.
  3. Check around for coupon codes, especially if you are ordering online. I never order anything online without looking for coupon or promotional codes. If you must have those cute pens with the bride and groom names imprinted on them and the online retailer can have them before your wedding or event, ask if there's any specials and check to see if there is any coupon codes for the company. Check places like
  4. When ordering your cake, you do a lot of tasting and some cake designers require a deposit fee to come in and do a cake tasting, asked before you schedule your appointment. I understand they don't want to sit there and give out free samples all day, however, I think a slice of different cakes which they probably baked fresh everyday is not a huge expense if you're in the business of getting customers and returning customers. But if you must go to a specific place that does charge a tasting fee, ask them if you choose their bakers, will the deposit fee be applied to your order.
  5. Flowers can get very expensive,  stay away from out-of-season blooms. They are so many beautiful flowers you can choose from, all you have to do is asked your florist. They are your best guide to choosing the right flower for you. Don't be stuck on roses or the usual hydrangeas. They are so many variations that can make your event stand out. Just ask. 
  6. DJs tend to be cheaper than a live band. A few weeks back I did a post comparing the two DJs vs. Live Band, and it really comes down to your preference but again, that live band will cost you more and you may not be too happy with their Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston's, "I will Always Love you."
  7. The best days to have any parties are on the weekends. But having a weekend party is expensive and the venues know that, after all that's when most people are able to attend your party. But try Friday early evening or Sunday afternoon. In some cases, there is a cost difference. Even $200 is a saving that can go towards your honeymoon.
  8. Save the Date, do you really need to have everyone from your Instagram feed at your wedding? Keep your guests list short and watch the savings roll in. The less people you have to feed, the cheaper your dinner cost will be.
  9. A brunch event is always cheaper than a full sit down catered dinner. But if you must, stay away from the filet mignon and roast duck. A nice fish like salmon or great prepared lemon-peppered chicken breast is fine.
  10. Open Bar, you don't need to have 10 different cocktails, wine, beer, and champagne. Have a signature drink along with one other cocktail, wine and beer. Cases of wine and beer are easier to get and also a lot cheaper. 
  11. Call me, Instead of paying not only for the invitations but also the R.S.V.P. cards, which most people don't follow the etiquette rules anyways, ask for a phone call or email to confirm attendance.
  12. Candles are a great way to add ambiance to a table without all the fuss. So no need to have an entire garden on your table, a few blooms and lots of candles will have the same effect, if not better. Who don't like candlelight dinners.
  13. Skip the favors. Yes, I said it.  You're throwing a party, feeding your guests, and providing entertainment, do you really need to give them a gift too?  If you can save on other aspects of your party and have extra money around, okay, but if not it's okay too. Most people don't use the small frames that barely hold any pictures in them.
  14. Have your wedding ceremony and reception at one location. It will save you on having to pay for two venues.
  15. You're buying a big cake anyways, so that will serve as dessert, right. Think about it, if everyone is full from decadent expensive chocolate truffle, they may not even want cake. I've been part of plenty events where the cake double up as dessert and no one complained.
  16. Buy a plain tow or three tiers cake and decorate with your own silk flowers. Trust me those extras adds up quick when decorating a cake. After the initial first slice and pictures, just removed them and served.
  17. Toast with wine instead of champagne.Wine is cheaper, remember number 10, cheaper by the cases.
  18. Avoid party seasons, like proms, Christmas, New Years Eve, Valentine's Day, etc... where party costs run high because of the high demand. Besides you don't want any scheduling conflict when inviting family friends who may have other party obligations.
  19. Hire an event designer and/or planner, they're the best at knowing where to cut cost and still provide quality stuff. I know this seems like a logical one, but most people try to take on the planning and designing process by themselves, but most often the planners and designers have deals and discounts already in place with other vendors, which can translate to savings for you. See more on Party Planner and Designer.

So, yes you can have that Pinterest party, depending on your planning, it may cost a little or cost a lot. Use the tips above to help you and don't be afraid to ask questions or if any vendors are running any specials.


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