The Ultimate Valentine's Day Guide!

It's almost that time again friends, Valentine's Day is fast approaching and whether you are celebrating with a small gathering, a dinner for two, or just exchanging gifts with your lover or bestie, this post is for you. The Ultimate Valentine's Day Guide includes everything you need to set up a party or soiree, what to wear, what to serve, and his and hers gift ideas and much more.

So, let's get started!

First off, I design this tabletop below as an inspiration for setting up your table. The more I do these designs, the more I love seeing red and silver sequin together, don't you agree? 

Table Design

red and sequin table setting for a romantic dinner

I kept things simple. The charger plate or sometimes called service plate, I got from Michaels and if this is for you and your honey, well you're only going to need two of them and using dinner plates you already have will be fine.

pink and white floral centerpiece
 I would forgo the expensive red roses. Let's be honest florist usually jack up the price of roses at Valentine's Day, when simple tulips would suffice. I happened to have this pink rose at home so I added it in my design, but trust me, any flowers in my opinion will do just fine.

silver flatware for dinner

crystal napkin ring with red napkin on sequin tablecloth
 It's a special day, so opt for cloth napkins and a fancy ring. (hint: your local craft stores usually have pre-made craft bracelets, buy couple and use them as a napkin're welcome).

tulips centerpiece for weddings and romantic dinners

red champagne flute
 One of my favorite flutes from Homegoods. Don't worry about the gold rim, it's minimal and it wont make a big difference in your design.

red bread bowl with white heart
 How you like my cute bread dish. That may not have been it's purpose, at least not as listed on the package label but come on! It's red with a big heart.

heart shaped corkscrew craft with candle and pink rose
 If you decides to just do movie and wine, well here is this fun DIY heart that I made out of wine corks. At a later post, I will have more instructions because this would go great on a mantle as part of your interior design.

heart shaped craft with red champagne flute and sparkle gold wine bottle

For the Party

What to serve

Click on the link for full recipe & instructions:

Click on the link for full recipe & instructions: 

Click on the link for full recipe & instructions: 

What to wear
$20.16 gotta love the price of this 

Gifts for Her

Gifts for Him

For that special chef in your life: 

Gifts for your Bestie

There you have it friends, your Ultimate Valentine's Day Guide. This was fun. Now, if you still need some more ideas, you can visit my previous post that I did on Christmas, Holiday Gifts Buying Under $50.  I'm sure no one mind waiting for a gift, especially if you get two, since they are all under $50. 

Leave us a note and share your ideas or if you use any of the one in this post. 


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