Waterspout uproots bounce house causing injuries (video)

danger of bounce houses in bad weather
By now, you might have heard about the flying bounce house incident on Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida. A freak nature accident. The City of Fort Lauderdale held a sponsored Memorial Day event with food and drinks and entertainment. All Star Events provided the bounce house for the event. A sudden change in weather causing a waterspout threw a bounce house several feet in the air with children still inside.

If you spent anytime in south Florida, you know how temperamental the weather can be. One minute it's a beautiful sunny sky and the next minute, dark clouds cover the skies follow by a five minute of strong storms, and back to sunny skies.

As I have dealt with bounce houses and setting them up, they are as fun as they could be dangerous if not properly secured. However, when you have done everything properly and a sudden change in weather cause this type of havoc, it's literally out of your hands. Both the City of Fort Lauderdale and All Star Events have stated that the bounce house was properly secured and that mother nature just had different plans that day.

See the full video below.

With that being said, (and this is only my personal opinion and does not constitute as any legal advice and/or otherwise and does not reflect that of the incident which occurred on Memorial Day on Fort Lauderdale beach), it is important to make sure that when renting certain party items that the company is fully insured. I have friends who left the bounce house party rental business for this simple fact that some business are offering a full day rental at just $39 with free deliveries. And I myself always wondered, how are they able to offer such low prices and stay in business. This, of course, does not apply to all businesses that offer great discounted deals, but some were operating without insurance and/or at times, without licenses. I understand times are hard and you want to provide a great party for your child, but remember their safety when making the decision who to rent from. Again, the event above was an act of nature and not much anyone could have done about it, but imagine this, your child is having a party and he/she jumps with excitement at the sight of a colorful themed bounce house set up in the backyard or park, sprint to join in the fun with the other twenty kids inside doing back flips (which by the way are not permitted in any bounce houses for safety reasons) and topple the whole thing over and a kid gets hurt. Who would be responsible for his/her medical expenses? They may look to you. I know none of us wants to think about those type of things, but that is the reality that you could be facing if your kid gets hurt while others are rough-playing inside. Of course, renting a bounce house and/or water slide for $200 doesn't guarantee you insurance coverage, but it would make more sense than the $39 all day rental. Now, of course depending on your area, that may just be the price. For example in Connecticut during the winter season, you might find that type of deal, because well, there's snow on the ground. But down here in sunny south Florida, it's better to be safe than sorry.

How do you find the answers, JUST ASK? it's that simple, are you licensed and insured? And if a company refuse to answer your simple question, well take your money and run. Ask for a copy of their insurance coverage to verify what they are telling you. Check Yelp or other service rating sites to see if any bad reviews were left by other renters. They may be looking at profit margins, but you're also thinking of your child's safety.

As we enter those summer months, be wary of those super discounted deals. The summer months are the peak of bounce house rentals, sure they may discount to keep up with competition but are you really saving anything by taking risk with children's safeties.


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