Planning & Hosting a Baby Shower

Congratulations! you just found out you're expecting an addition to the family. Your thoughts goes from swollen feet to sharing the news with your family and friends. Naturally, you have to have a baby shower. One of my favorite social events. Before running to Pinterest to browse shower themes, remember this is a celebration for you, mommy-to-be and baby. So don't stress yourself out. Enjoy every moment because time flies by. 

pink baby shower theme with black mirror and gift boxes, eventsojudith.blogspot.comSee, not so long ago, I was in your shoes planning for my baby shower, (well actually four and half years ago to be exact). I was planning, shopping, and decorating for my expected little prince. Between the hormones and the stress of planning a shower, I wanted to pull my hair out. The simplest thing like coming up with an idea seemed like a big daunting task. Eventually, I settled for Noah's Arc with baby animals. A cute and simple idea. On another occasion, I planned a pink zebra shower for a client, and I am currently working on a royal prince themed shower. 

Last month, I collaborated with Bethany Kandel of on the very same topic. We talked about themes, decorating, and  party favors.

Bethany wrote, "Baby showers are such joyous events and what’s a party without a fun favor? Moms-to-be and their hostess friends are getting more and more creative with their giveaways." click here and read the full article.

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