Stunning DIY Bridal Shower Wine Bottles Centerpiece

Easy to create wine bottle centerpieces that sure to impress your guests.

I (think) I'm finally getting into the swing of back to school and doing homework and ubering my son around from Martial Arts to basketball to what ever other activity he decides to enroll my free time in. Now that I have a little time, I can share this super easy DIY centerpieces that I created for my friend's bridal shower.

First I have to tell you guys, it took us for ever to come up with the concept. Myself and two other bridesmaids were in charge of the bridal shower festivities. Of course, I was put in charge of decorations. Our ideas was for something simple, classy and budget-friendly. After some back and forth and Pinterest browsing, we came up with this rustic-themed with wine bottles centerpieces.

Want to know how we created this look? KEEP READING!
This was a small-scale event. We wanted it to be family and very close friends. So this set up was perfect.

Hyrangeas and Calla Lilies created this stunning centerpiece.

The colors were mint green, black and gold. Which by the way, mint, was one of the wedding colors. The other was coral.
Gold and Mint Green Bridal Shower
Centerpieces - three gold bottles filled with a flower in each - hydrangeas and Calla Lilies. I bought the cutouts word pieces from Michaels, which were sprayed gold. The wood slab stands are part of my inventory.

Budget-Friendly Bridal Shower Idea

Bridal Shower Sweetheart Table.

For their sweetheart tables, I used a coral petal linen, added a few accents with a black and white photo of the couple. I went with black and white photograph because I wanted their guests to see them not a color-filled photograph.

DIY Bridal Shower Wine Bottles Centerpiece

DIY Gift table ideas for bridal shower.

The walking party was walking in to R. Kelly and Celine Dion's, I'm Your Angel. So I printed out the words and framed it on their gift table.

Bridal Shower decoration

Appetizers were coming in. So I got a quick shot before I left to get ready. And trust me everything was so yummy. We had little potato taquitos, coconut shrimp, mini chicken kabobs just to name a few.
Bridal Shower Decoration and DIY
Another quick snap before I left. Hey, I'm giving you guys background-inside scoop (haha).

Don't you just love that guestbook sign? That's from Hobby Lobby.

Bridal Shower signing table ideas

I had the couple take the "ring picture" with a Bible verse, (Ephesians 5:25).
DIY Bridal Shower Wine Bottles Centerpiece
The take-home party plate. Entrees - rice and beans, two types of macaroni au-gratin baked and barbecued chicken. #delish.

Party plate of food, ideas for your bridal shower

The sweets table. Mother of the bride baked the cake and kid tasted it before the rest of us (haha).

Bridal Shower sweets Table with Cake and Bible Verse

DIY Bridal Shower Wine Bottles Centerpiece

Bridal Shower Gift Table Ideas.

The framed signing guestbook. I wanted something different from the usual open book. They loved this.

Bridal Shower Guestbook Ideas.

Stunning DIY Bridal Shower Wine Bottles Centerpiece

Stunning DIY Bridal Shower Wine Bottles Centerpiece

So how did I create those beautiful centerpieces?

DIY Centerpiece Ideas for a Bridal Shower

First off, I needed bottles, LOTS of them. There's only so much wine one can drink, so I went to option B. There's always another option. I called one of my favorite restaurant and I asked them so save me their use wine bottles. Within two days, I had my wine bottles and then some.

Wine Bottes Centerpiece

Next, soak off the labels. I did that overnight which made easy for me to peel the labels off and a chance to wash the wine scent out of the bottles.

So far so easy right?

Stunning DIY Bridal Shower Wine Bottles Centerpiece

Voila! clean bare bottles.

Stunning DIY Bridal Shower Wine Bottles Centerpiece

Now, I can create an entire post talking about spray paint. Don't worry, I'll save you some reading. MY FAVORITE SPRAY PAINT (drum roll) RUST-OLEUM. And I've use so many different spray paints, and this by far gave me the best coverage and brightest colors. You can find them at your local Home Depot.

For this job, I went with the metallic gold. It was such a beautiful color and yes, it matched the can's top.
Rust-Oleum Spray Paint, perfect for a bridal shower

Then I had to prep my bottles. Some DIYers may say that it's not necessary to prime the bottles, and I did both and with or without primer, because of the quality spray paint, gave me the same effect.

Stunning DIY Bridal Shower Wine Bottles Centerpiece

Each bottle got two coating of sprays. I spray on day one and let dry overnight. Day two repeat and let dry. Finish product is amazing.

If you look closer at the centerpiece, the middle bottle is coated with a glitter paint. That you would do on day three.

Stunning DIY Bridal Shower Wine Bottles Centerpiece

The picture below is doing the second day of spray and drying process. Make sure to spray the bottles evenly and light spraying is always better than a heavy coat of paint. Funny story, after I was done with the bottles, I was just looking for ANYTHING to spray paint.
Stunning DIY Bridal Shower Wine Bottles Centerpiece
And there you have it. Simple right? The flowers came from one of my vendors and they were cut to fit inside each bottle. If you worked with Calla Lilies in the past, the stems are thick and very sensitive. So keep all your flowers hydrated all the way up to the point they are been put in the bottles, which are filled with water. Hydrangeas love water and they will soak it up quick.

FLOWER TIP: when working with Hydrangeas, dip the entire flower in water and lightly shake off excess water. DO NOT PUSH THE FLOWER INTO THE WATER. This method will help keep your flowers fresh. For the Callas, keep them stems in water and you may have to open the flower up, but as time goes on, it will open more.

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