A Complete Must-Have Wedding Day Emergency Kit Checklist

A FREE Emergency Kit to help you be better prepared on your wedding day or any party.

When you think of your wedding day, the last thing on your mind is any kind of emergencies and unfortunately, it seems that's when some happens. Last month I was a bridesmaid and had first row seat to those pesky emergencies.

So how can you avoid them? You can't! But you can get better prepared to deal with them. 

First thing is assigning your kit to someone NOT in your wedding party. That cousin that stopped by to wish your well, can take it with them and keep it near by after you use what ever you needed at the hotel. This list is as complete as it gets and follow this guide and you'll be well prepared for your big day.

"EMERGENCIES" are anything NOT planned and can wreak havoc on your day.  Relax though and don't start planning for the worst. The key is to planned for a great day and prepared for anything out of the ordinary. These are not in any orders but a guide as I come up with them.

  • Umbrella
    Depending on your location, you should ALWAYS have one on hand. We South Floridians live by that rule. And not one of those that fits in your purse. You need a giant one, remember your gown is big.

  • Extra Undergarment
    Hey, don't laugh. We all know how Mother Nature's sense of humor works. One miscalculation on when our "friend" is coming to visit and boom, you need underwear.

  • Allergy Medicine
    I live with allergies and so does my son. So naturally, I always have a bottle in my purse. You should too, especially if this is an outdoor wedding or event.

  • Straws
    Your bride needs a drink a water, no problem. Grab a straw to avoid her messing up her lipstick.

  • White Chalk
    Use to cover up a stain on your beautiful wedding gown. If you have a blush or ivory colored gown, considered buying matching color chalks.

  • Change
    During the reception, your bride might want that Mountain Dew from the soda machine and the bar only have Coke.

  • Phone Charger
    While getting ready the phone will most likely be off the charger. Have an extra charger and your designated person can have the phone charging while vows are been exchanged.

  • Hair Elastic
    You can never have too many

  • Extra Earring or Earring Backings
    Just in case you lose one or change your mind about which one you want to wear.

  • Mini Wine Bottles
    A little something to keep those nerves down.

  • Fashion Tape
    Another great fashion accessory. You think all those A-Listers' dresses and tops stay up by themselves? Nope, they use fashion tape and you can grab some from your local Joann's Fabric Store, Target or Bed, Bath & Beyond.

  • Sunblock
  • Bug Spray
    For those outdoor nuptials

  • Water Bottle
    Always have one on hand

  • Safety Pins
    Another great accessory, just in case that fashion tape fails.

  • Nausea or Diarrhea Medicine
    Can't control those nerves? No problem because you were ready for them.

  • Blotting Powder & Brush
    During all that dancing, you may need a quick touch up.

  • Nail Clippers

  • TweezersDon't mess up those manicured nails, have a clipper on hands

  • Vaseline
    Great for lip gloss, elbow shine and I actually rub some on spot I planned to spray on perfume. It helps the scent last longer.

  • Body Spray & Perfume
    Don't leave home with out one.

  • Toothpaste & Toothbrush

Add-on to your kit with these items from the picture above, see the links below. 

Flowerbomb Perfume, perfect for your special big day

Lip Balm wedding and party day emergency lip therapy
Fresh lip treatment

Chloe body moisturizer, perfect for your wedding day emergency kit

A Complete Must-Have Wedding Day Emergency Kit

A Complete Must-Have Wedding Day Emergency Kit

A Complete Must-Have Wedding Day Emergency Kit
Charlotte Russe detangler comb

A Complete Must-Have Wedding Day Emergency Kit
Manicure tool
$6.16 - douglas.de

A Complete Must-Have Wedding Day Emergency Kit
Bobby hair pin

A Complete Must-Have Wedding Day Emergency Kit

A Complete Must-Have Wedding Day Emergency Kit

A Complete Must-Have Wedding Day Emergency Kit

A Complete Must-Have Wedding Day Emergency Kit
Johnson's Baby Powder, 200g
$1.30 - amazon.co.uk

A Complete Must-Have Wedding Day Emergency Kit

A Complete Must-Have Wedding Day Emergency Kit

A Complete Must-Have Wedding Day Emergency Kit

A Complete Must-Have Wedding Day Emergency Kit
RADIUS Vegan Xylitol Soft Floss, Mint, 55 Yrd

Want your own copy, download and print it HERE for FREE and be prepared.

Complete checklist for emergencies on your special big day

While emergencies are part of life and will happen on your bid day, this checklist will help resolved them quickly. 

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