How To Plan Your Wedding With Pinterest 💍

Planning your wedding or party using Pinterest Boards

Pinterest is this Internet magical place where all weddings, parties, DIYs and decorations looks FLAWLESS!

"Yeah right 🙄!

Okay, let me start that over, Pinterest is this social media outlet where some weddings, parties, DIYs and decorations are staged to look flawless. What do I mean? IT'S FAKE! Okay that was too harsh, I mean don't get me wrong there are plenty of a real weddings and parties been showcased on there, but ladies (and this is a little inside secret....Shhh) some of those beautiful venues, scenes, tablescapes and engagement pictures are what we called Styled Shoots. Simply explained, a planner and a few vendors get together and plan a mocked-wedding, which for most part and unless your bank account looks like an A-List celebrity, is difficult and unrealistic. And yes, we will go as far as to have a real cake on the set. Remember, the cake decorator is also a vendor looking for exposure. Everything looks so real and beautiful and just like that, you just pinned that picture onto a board for you to try later. #Success our intended views/followers worked.

So what a bride-to-be to do?

There's nothing wrong with going on Pinterest for inspirations, but be careful because when fantasy meets your budget reality, you will be in shock. It's not all bad though. To help me plan all the details of your wedding, you turned to Pinterest for inspiration. And like I said, there's no shame in that and Pinterest is not short on inspirations. Think of this as your planning scrapbook or cork board collecting ideas for wedding or party.

So what can you do to avoid frustration and for this to work and you taking full advantage of the site, let's take a look at what you can do:

Create & Pin

First (after you joined) create a secret board - why a secret board? Because you can pin all you want and it's for your eyes only. Get creative and pin but like I said, and that old saying is true, "If it looks to good to be true then probably it's a styled shoot. But do get those creative ideas and juices flowing. If you starting off not knowing anything about themes, a great place to start is Pinterest. If you are working with different vendors and they have a Pinterest page, invite them to join. You can even create a specific secret board. For example, a cake board, bridesmaid dresses, hair & make up, caterer etc..

Plan, Organize and create a Memorable Wedding with Pinterest


If you're working with a planner (and recommend that you do), invite he or she to your secret board. It's a great way to share ideas without having to try to explain a certain flower that you don't the name and just know they're pretty. Don't forget to invite your bridesmaids. Who better at helping you to make those wedding decisions then you Bride's Squad.

Bride and bridesmaids with Bridesmaids dresses
Image Source:*
*Side note: The above picture is one of my favorite repost from the beautiful Symmadar's IG page. She looks absolutely beautiful along with her bridesmaids.

Moving on.

Reality vs. Fantasy

That white tufted-love seat may looks great instead of two dining chairs, but there may not be room in your budget and they start at $150. That's $150 just for a chair. If you haven't read my post on wedding budget, now is a great time to check it out (okay after you finish reading and sharing this post), How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget. Get real about your budget. Your sorority sister may have had a wedding worthy of a magazine cover, don't get pulled into competition and blow your budget on a specialty item. Like I said before, create your top-three must have and work from there.

Outdoor Wedding Decoration with Tufted chairs
Image Source:
Another flip-side to this, is thinking you're going to DIY your entire wedding. HAHA! on Pinterest all those beautiful DIY invites, favors and signs looks great, don't they? What's the truth? Some of those DIYs were created by pros who does nothing but DIY between coffee and wine. As a busy woman planning a wedding or party, this may not be doable. By the time you run to Michaels or Hobby Lobby and a few coupons later, that one invite may cost $2, when you could have purchased a package where each invites comes to $1. Same goes for invites and your sanity. Touches of DIY is great because you get to showcase your personality and crafty skills, but you have enough stress in your life, learn to outsource some of those jobs.

Need some creative favor ideas, check out , 20 Unique Party Gifts that Your Guests will Love.

Get off Pinterest

By the end of week #1 in your planning process, you'll probably saved/pinned over 100 pins. STOP! The numbers of people sharing on Pinterest is in the millions, imagine the amount of images that the social media giant have. You will drive yourself crazy just by trying to decide on a theme and colors. So do you self (and your planner) this favor and decides and execute ONE IDEA. At the end, you will not only save time, but also ton of money. Actually this is a pretty good idea of life period. Change your mind once and move on. If you keep going on Google and typing "fall wedding ideas," your search, with Pinterest leading the results, will be overwhelming with amazing pictures and ideas that one, your budget won't allow or better yet time.

EventSoJudith Pitnerest Page, Pinterest Wedding Boards,

This your wedding, don't get bogged down with making every little detail perfect. That's not realistic and it will drive you crazy.  Remember, use Pinterest as a planning tool. Key points to remember:
  • Work within your budget
  • Be realistic about what you want
  • Create your Top-Three Must Haves
  • Work with your planner. We are the best source for wedding planning process. Think of us as your medium between what you "want" and what your budget will allow you to have. 
  • Talk to your venue coordinator, they may already have some of those extras and you don't have to pay anything extra

Smile girl, you're getting married! Future Mrs. _____________.

Get a head-start on the planning process and download this FREE Planner. A complete guide to help you plan your wedding.

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