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The Good and the Bad of Destination Weddings Destination weddings are becoming more popular by the day. If you are planning to have an outstanding wedding, a destination wedding might just be the way to go.

The decision to have your wedding at a distant vacation spot rather than your hometown will probably be informed by the many awesome experiences that a destination wedding promises. What you need to remember is that a destination wedding has both pros and cons. Do not overlook the cons, no matter how excited you become about your wedding.

Here are some realities about destination weddings you need to consider before making a decision on what kind of wedding to have.

The Good

All-Inclusive Packages

Destination weddings provide couples with all-inclusive wedding packages that cover pretty much every aspect of a wedding. This will save you a lot of time in wedding planning and allow you to have stress-free pre-wedding activities.

Most wedding facilities at such locations are used to planning high-pressure luxury weddings and you can trust them to deliver exactly what you want. Such packages often cover most wedding requirements including a caterer, photographer, wedding venue, reception venue, and more.

Just make sure you choose the right location for your group. All-inclusives usually cater to either families or adults-only. This will usually be obvious if you just review marketing materials for the resorts. If your party will include people with young children or if you have children yourself, it might be better to stick with a family all-inclusive.

Family Drama Kept at Bay

If you’ve been having sleepless nights about the possible crazy things your uncontrollable uncle will do at your wedding, you’ve found an instant solution to your problems. Have a wedding far away from home. If they aren’t at the wedding, they won’t cause any drama.

A destination wedding gives you lots of excuses to handpick just a few people to attend your wedding. You can always blame it on the budget if someone asks you why they didn’t make the list. You deserve to enjoy your big day without having to worry about family drama.

Destination Wedding, Travel Wedding

Classic Wedding Photos

Every bride dreams of having a wedding so awesome their wedding photos could make it to the front page of a bridal magazine. Destination weddings allow you to have your weddings at venues so beautiful your photos will automatically be amazing. With a decent photographer, you can capture a lot of beautiful moments.

Eliminates Conflict on Wedding Location

If the bride’s and the groom’s families live in different cities or towns, choosing one city over the other as the host of the wedding is likely to result in some friction. To entirely eliminate the problem, choose to have the wedding on neutral ground. A beautiful vacation spot is the best neutral ground you will probably find.

Being on neutral ground also ensures that none of the two families bear the pressure of having to host the other. Being able to interact on equal footing will allow both parties to be more at ease.

Wedding and Honeymoon at the Same Place

You can have your wedding and honeymoon at the same place if you choose an awesome destination to host your wedding.

Having your wedding and honeymoon at the same place means that you won’t have to worry about travel time after the wedding. You may also be able to negotiate a great deal with the hosting resort if you allow them to organize both your wedding and honeymoon.

The Bad

Some Close Family Members Will Not Attend

Not all the family members you invite to your wedding will attend if you choose to have your wedding at a destination that is far away from home. While you might want to share your big moment with everyone who is close to you, the logistics could make some of the closest family members not to attend.

Legal Issues

There are several legal issues you need to be aware of when having a wedding in a foreign country. To have a wedding and then realize that your marriage is not legally binding can be a nightmare. Do your homework and consult widely before you commit to any destination. Catholics, for instance, cannot have a legally binding marriage ceremony in a French Catholic Church without a prior civil ceremony.

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Planning Can Be a Nightmare

If you choose to plan your wedding yourself and not hire the services of a professional offering an all-inclusive package, the planning process can give you a lot of headaches. Planning even the most basic wedding is hard. To do it in a foreign destination you don’t know as well will definitely be troublesome if you do it independently.

Dealing with Hurt Feelings

The very nature of a destination wedding demands that you have a small guest list. This means that you will leave out several people who feel close to you and who feel they should be invited to your wedding.

Having to explain to them that they won’t be able to share your big day with you will definitely hurt their feelings. There are also some people who mean a lot to you who might not be able to make it even if you invite them. An older relative may not be able to handle the strain of a long flight and they will feel bad that can’t make it to the wedding destination to see you wed the love of your life.

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