Oh-So-Merry Christmas-Winter Wedding 🎄

With Christmas days away and engagement season in full swing, some brides-to-be may be looking at next year's holiday season for their nuptials. But before you send out those invitations and book that venue, read some pros and cons of hosting a Christmas wedding.

Like any weddings at anytime, budgeting is the best way to keep cost down and stay within your budget. Planning a Wedding on a Budget takes time and careful planning. So what can you do to make the best of your Christmas or Winter wedding?
Do you really want a Winter/Christmas Wedding? Well, considering that the peak of wedding season is Spring and early fall months, that may not be a bad idea. How can this info help? Well most vendors & venues are slow during off season or Winter months and you may get some great deals and discounts for booking during those times. Some business is better than no business.

Not a big flower-type of girl, how about those branches or some decorative pine greens? Depending on your location, flowers may be scarce and you will get get stuck paying extra for your favorite bloom.

Another pro (if you choose to look at it that way) want to cut down on your guest list? A holiday wedding may be the best time because not everyone will be able to travel and hence a small RSVP guest list and you're off the hook for leaving cousin Martine and family off the guest list. Another trick although not the best is a Monday through Thursday wedding. Those days are the cheapest for obvious reasons, but you may be excluding key people from your big day because of work and school schedule.

Like I said earlier Spring and Fall are ideal time for most couples to say their idos. So look into a January through April and November wedding.

If you're ideal venue is that beautiful hotel ballroom, be sure to check that there's no conventions or trade shows occupying the space. 

Not so bad right?

So what special touches can you add to your holiday wedding? 

Substitute flowers for something more festive like Christmas ornaments and cut napkin folds. You can still have and Elegant Festive Christmas wedding and still keep your budget low.

Christmas Table ideas perfect for your Christmas table

A winter or Christmas wedding is the perfect time to wear that bedazzled wedding gown with no worries..

Source: JP Yim/Getty Images

If your one of my off-beat brides-to-be and want something a little non-traditional, how about a beautiful red gown? Talk about look at the bride.

Source: http://nafdress.com
Photo: Kate Headley
Want to stay on traditional side but still want that vibrant red? Have your beautiful bridesmaids in red.

Source: Jabez Photography

Source: http://myweddingnigeria.com
Gorgeous right?

If you're in a state with a "real" Winter as oppose to South Florida, add a beautiful Faux Fur for some added class.

Source: www.our-dress.com
Source: www.tulleandchantilly.com
Embrace the seasonal decorations and sparkles. Use ornaments or string lights to really make the night magical. 

Having a Christmas tree? Gift wrap those favors under the tree. If that idea don't work gift wrap empty boxes - you'll get the same added effect. Pine cones or needles are great little added details. Use them as part of your escort table to guest table decorations. Is it snowing or cooler than expected? offer your guests shawls as favors. 

Make it snow - that is if your venue allows that. So make sure to check before booking that fake snow machine. 

Source: www.everafterguide.net
And there have it. Hopefully this post inspired some Winter/Christmas weddings. Don't forget to share this post on your favorite Social Media outlet, you might just help a bride-to-be make up her mind on a Christmas wedding.

Don't forget to check out 20 Unique Party Gifts that your Guests will Love! and make sure your guests leave happy.

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