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5 Mistakes I've Made and You Could be Making in Planning a Friend's Bridal Shower!

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Your best friend just announced she's engaged and in the mist of all the excitement she also announced that you're definitely going to be one of her bridesmaids and since she trusts you so much and you two have been friends in like forever, she wants your help in planning her engagement and bridal shower. Of course since you have impeccable taste, you agree. In that moment you're both excited and thrilled (maybe for different reasons) to bring a great vision to life. But before you start pricing out flowers and checking out venues, let me explain the mistake that you could be making and I've made (this is where I pop your bubble) planning a friend's event is not as it easy as it sounds. In fact, it can be down right stressful.

So what are the pros and cons and not to mention the mistakes that you could be making? Probably the same ones that I've made when I planned my friend's bridal shower.

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Naturally and since this is your friend's event, you want everything to be perfect. As a planner you want to make sure everything looks great AND is budget-friendly. Your friend's vision is affordable and elegant chic - check, so far so good right? Then she drop the first bomb - a very low budget. In fact, way below what you have expected. Then the next bomb, (and this is where things get complicated and frustrated), she enlisted the help of her sister and cousin to be part of the "planning committee."

See in my case, I thought the more the merrier, but what I didn't realize is that women, as close as we can get, have such different taste and this is not like a buffet where each of you can bring a different dish to one table and it will work. No! designing a room have to flow and make sense. So although I had an idea in mind with the budget that I was given, now I have to deal with two other voices dictating design styles and ignoring anything budget.

Let's break down the 5 Mistakes I've Made and You Could be Making and how to avoid them:
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MISTAKE #1: Too many hands in the pot
I allowed too many people to dictate things. The bride-to-be and I had an understanding and we more or less knew which way we were going to go with the design, but with everyone else's ideas it became a big complicated hoopla.

SOLUTION: Get (shit) clear! yes this may means putting your foot down but it will better in the long run. Remember this is about the bride-to-be and her budget not trying to create someone else's vision

MISTAKE #2: I got stuck footing the extras
Since I didn't make it clear what the vision was and allowed the ideas to keep changing, everyone "assumed" that "I got it." Which meant that extra thing everyone else thought was a good idea, ended up costing me an extra $100.

SOLUTION: Be upfront about the budget AND if anyone is willing to contribute to the budget to let you know in advance because vendors required 2-weeks pre-payments.

MISTAKE #3: I "assumed" that the committee would be there to help set up and take down. 
Since it was a collective vision effort, I naturally thought everyone would be there to help.

SOLUTION: Avoid this mistake by straight up asking, who WILL help? and don't be shy about asking for help. Sorry, my Superwoman cape is at the dry cleaners, I need help.

MISTAKE #4: I wasn't sure who would be responsible for what.
There were no DJ, no band, no music and I didn't have a back up plan. Thank goodness one of the groomsmen was able to bring his portable big speaker and we connected it to a phone to it and Voila! we finally had music.

SOLUTION: Always, always have a back up plan and a back up plan to that back up.

MISTAKE #5: I ignored the planner in me and allowed my feelings to get involved.
Since this was a friend's event, I ignore what I knew would work and wouldn't. I ignore my planner skills. Feelings were hurt and at times annoyed especially since things didn't turned out how I planned it in my head.

SOLUTION: Whether this is your first or 100th event, rely on what you know as a planner or if you lack experience, (insert shameless promotion) read through this blog for some great tips and ideas  or just do your research. Pinterest have tons of stuff that you draw inspiration from.

Speaking about Pinterest, I'm working on a board just for planners and coordinators, so make sure you're following me so you don't miss out.

At the end of it all, everything turned out way better than I've expected and she was super excited and impressed.  What's the moral of the story? SPEAK UP AND GET THINGS CLEARED AND OUTLINED.

Do you have an experience or tips you want to share, leave us a comment. And as always don't forget to subscribe to this blog.

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