PRE-WEDDING PARTY: The Bridesmaids Luncheon

PRE-WEDDING PARTY: The Bridesmaids Luncheon

Slight change in programming peeps (oh I should say - I forgot to post the bridesmaids luncheon post). So don't worry, you didn't miss a post. 

Let's jump right into it. So what is a Bridesmaids Luncheon, well just it sounds. This is just for you and the girls. Your way to say thank you to your girl's tribe. This pre-wedding party is totally an option. But why skip this beautiful event? How fancy you keep it, is all up to you. We'll get more into that later. 

So what goes into a bridesmaid luncheon?

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This pre-wedding party is the most casual and depending of the theme, the least expensive of them all. 

Who Host: While others might say, a bridesmaid or matron-of-honor should host, but I definitely feel this is an even for the bride to host. Like I said earlier this is an opportunity for the bride to thank her girls for riding with her on this journey. And like I said, this does not have to be expensive or formal. Keep it simple. The bride should invite all of her bridesmaids - sorry guys this is strictly for the ladies. Other possible invitees, the flower girl(s) and mother, if your flower girl is too young to be left unsupervised, mother of the bride and groom and groom's sisters if he has any.  My advice, keep it to your bridesmaids only, that way you don't have to worry about children or trying to please your future mother in law. Leave them for the rehearsal dinner.

When: Since this is not a "required" event, you may choose to have your luncheon a week before your wedding or another great option is after the final dress fitting. You'll have plenty of things to reminisce about.  Also this is one of the events you choose if you will go a formal invitation route or not.

Thank you cards

How do you plan a gorgeous bridesmaids luncheon?

Keep it casual and simple. You can themed this event or just a simple brunch at your favorite local spot. Need some theme ideas? Any of the following will work:

  • An afternoon at the local spa. Treat your girls to a relaxing mani/pedi.
  • Book a wine tasting.
  • Paint & sip at your local paint shop
  • Tea time.
Just to name a few. You can also choose to host your luncheon at home. In that case break out the good China and add some decorative place holder cards.

PRE-WEDDING PARTY: The Bridesmaids Luncheon

Let your girls know, this is strictly for them and no gifts for you. Prepare a special thank you toast - nothing fancy, but speak it from your heart. 

Speaking of toast, are you still working on your wedding vows? Wedding Forward have a great post, all dedicated to writing the perfect vow to your future hubby. A wedding or marriage vow is a, "special words uniting the couples and representing their mutual commitment. That is why finding a perfect word for your marriage is extremely important/" definitely check it out and the post did a great job breaking down vows based on religious denominations. 

Want to add a special touch?

One lovely tradition associated with the bridesmaids luncheon is the bridesmaids' cake. The cake is often times pink and contains a coin or ring, baked right in. Then the cake is cut and a slice is distributed to each bridesmaids. Whoever finds the coin or ring in her slice is thought to be "blessed in affairs of the heart" and may be the next bride-to-be. Cute, right?!?!

Depending on where, plan your menu accordingly. Your options are not just limited to brunch, you can host at breakfast, lunch or early dinner.

PRE-WEDDING PARTY: The Bridesmaids Luncheon

PRE-WEDDING PARTY: The Bridesmaids Luncheon

PRE-WEDDING PARTY: The Bridesmaids Luncheon

Also at the luncheon, this is where you present your bridesmaids with a little thank-you gift. Nothing expensive, no need to run to Zales, unless you got it like that. I added a few inspirational ideas:

Amazon, bridal gift, bridesmaid gifts

Bridesmaids gift, favors

effies paper, coffee mug

And that's it! The perfect thank you to your girl gang. Did I convince you to have one? I see  that wheel turning.

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Coming Up Next: The Rehearsal Dinner!

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