PRE-WEDDING PARTY: Couple's Wedding Shower

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What is the difference in a wedding shower and a bridal shower? A bridal shower celebrates the bride, while the wedding shower or couple's shower celebrates the bride and groom. With that been said, keep the decorations simple and neutral. Steer far from pinks and too much flowers. The above space is a great example. Benches instead of some fancy chair. low green centerpieces and plenty of room for dancing and mingling.

A couple's shower is more of a cocktail or dinner party than that of a bridal shower. Both female and males are invited. Gifts are welcomed and in fact, on the better pre-wedding parties where guests should bring a gift. But remember, this is a couple's shower, so gifts should be presented to both the bride and the groom or either one. Generally speaking, the gifts should be a mix of home goods products and guy-friendly gadgets and tools. For example, Victoria Secret gift card for the bide and a new power tool set for the groom. Want to keep it neutral, how about a a new Keurig Coffee Maker, for the couple.

Get the idea? I knew you would.

What else you need to know to throw a couples wedding shower?

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Before we go any further, let's get some things clear. a Couple's shower is NOT a bridal shower. I know I said this earlier, but I really need this point to hit home. So when designing your invitations, make sure to add that "this is a couple's shower. And that gifts are welcomed for both the bride and the groom." That the way, you avoid guests walking in with a bunch of pots and pans and bathroom decor. All things that are great for the new household, but does not interest a man. If after reading this, you're still not convince this is the way to go, read this article on hosting a bridal shower from Wedding Forward.

So who's hosting this event?

Who HostAnyone can host a wedding shower, a family member, bridal party or even a friend.  Maybe the parents of the bride and groom can get together and throw this party in honor of their kids getting hitched. Hosting any event takes teamwork and communication to be a success. And I have to add, contrary to popular belief, the bride's wedding party is not always or required to to host every single pre-wedding party. If that's their agreement, that's fine, but it's not part of their official duties. I suggest, for this co-ed party, having a a representative from the bride and groom side to co-host this event. That way, you ensured that both parties voices and ideas are implemented into the party.

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Here is a another great article on designing your save-the-date invitations. How cute is the one below.

Wedding Forward, Plan Your Wedding, Wedding invitations

WhenThe best time frame is two months to two weeks before the wedding. I  suggest that you have your wedding plans set. Your guests may ask you details about when and where you'll exchange your vows. You'll want to have those answers. 

Another keynote point is, this is NOT the actual wedding, so don't go overboard with your guests list. Invite the couple's close friends and family. I would say to keep it to couples only, and if that works for you, great! But if not you could be excluding a lot of people.
Wedding DJ,

Cue in the fun - add some fun shower games to keep your guests having fun. Also, you might want to add a DJ to the evening. Women can have a great time just talking and sipping on wine, but men not so much. Give them something to dance or sing along to. Make sure your DJ carry "clean" music. 

Here are some fun shower games you can get everyone involved in.

Shower Games Ideas:

    PRE-WEDDING PARTY: Couple's Wedding Shower
  1. Who Can Make the Best Cocktail? - Have all the ingredients out and a player from bride & groom and have them bring their best bar-game.
  2. Bride & Groom Trivia
  3. Whats in your cell phone?
  4. First Kiss Bridal Shower Game - Starting with the bride, ask each guest to tell his or her first kiss story (good or bad).
  5. Bridal Pictionary
  6. Heads Up - Download this fun game app and add a twist to the fun.
Can you think of more? Or did you play a fun game at your shower? Share it with us at

Another point to remember is what to serve? Keep it simple. Your male guests may not care that you're serving perfect quiche or crab rangoon, kabobs will work just as well. Buffet style  is best and a feminine touch by adding tulips or flower of choice on the table off to the side.

Wedding Buffet, Wedding Menu
PRE-WEDDING PARTY: Couple's Wedding Shower

And there you have it! The oh-so great Couple's Wedding Shower. And as always have fun and enjoy the celebration.

After reading this post, which are you most likely to have a bridal's party, couple's shower or both?

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