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PRE-WEDDING PARTY: The Engagement Party

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This week, I'm doing something a little different. Each day, I'm sharing a pre-wedding party idea. Each new day, we will explore all the parties leading up to the wedding. So, if you haven't subscribe yet, this is the perfect time to do so, follow the subscribe link, HERE, and don't miss out any of the fun.

So, how many type of pre-wedding parties are there? 7 - yes 7 ways to celebrate with family and friends. Your boo finally pop the question, YAY! CONGRATS! With social media been what it is nowadays, couples are announcing their engagements via Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat. You've seen the pictures, the desert plate with congratulation spelled out in chocolate with the ring shot. Or the holding cup with the words, "does this cup makes me look engaged" with another ring shot.

So where do you start with the celebration? Well, your start with a formal engagement dinner. I have to tell you guys, I'm a bit of old fashion when it comes down to love and party. But, every couple will and should do what works best for them. don't worry ladies and gentlemen, you have 6 other parties to plan for and keep things going.

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First up, the Engagement Party - so who's paying for it, anyways?

Who Host:  Traditions call for the bride's parents to throw this party, but with society been what it is, couples are throwing their own engagement party.

When:  Within in the first few months of engagement. Noticed I didn't say the following weekend or month. Take some time and enjoy your engagement. One of the worst mistakes you can make in your wedding planning process is to rush through things. One you taking the fun out of it and two rushing can cost you more as far as your budget is concern. An informed planner is the motto to plan by.

Will Your Marry Me, POP the  Question,

Whether you choose to send or not send any formal invitations is up to the  couple. I, myself, love paper invites, but I do understand for some couples, that's going overboard. But, if you do decide to go that route, there are many different companies both online and brick-and-mortar shops you can check out to help you,if you're not computer savvy. One of those online shops is Minted. They provide an array of invites to choose from, all beautifully design. But before you start designing away, think of your overall theme and your personalities when designing your invites. Maybe your overall theme is "Love At First Sight," or "He asks, She Said Yes." Choose a theme that shows off who you are as a couple. Speaking on inviting, I have to add that etiquette says that you should invite only those you plan on inviting to the actual wedding. Or keep it small and  simple.

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To gift or not to gift? that is the question - and the answer is, no it's not necessary. And please let your guests know and certainly, don't expect to receive any gifts either. For one, there will be plenty more parties and opportunities for guests to shower the couple with gifts and if you start  asking for gift early, well you might just end up with a bottle opener at your wedding.

With me so far? Good, let's keep it going.

Some couples are perfectly okay hosting their engagement party at a fancy restaurant instead of a hall, but that will depend on your guests count. My planner's advice to you:

Don't go crazy with your guests list, remember you have 6 more parties to plan and if you're not careful, your entire wedding journey can blow your budget right off the the planet.

If you have the space, how about hosting a close friend and family engagement at your house or even the clubhouse. This will allow the two families to mingle as well, as help you celebrate your engagement without breaking the bank.

Wedding Buffet, What to  serve, Dinner Party

What to serve? No need to be formal, a nice buffet table will do just fine. This way, you give everyone a chance to interact with each other. A lot of conversation can be sparked over the roasted chicken. Definitely choose a nice wine for the evening. Toasting is more of a rehearsal or dinner thing, but nothing wrong with a little red wine. Check out the post on Pairing Wine with Foods.

Most important, enjoy yourself. This is a celebration and you should definitely celebrate. Now is not the time to worry about venues and wedding DJ. Add personal touches to the evening by a sharing your proposal story. I love a good proposal story. Maybe you thought he was taking you (again) to to mundane dinner, bu behind the curtain your parents and his are waiting for you to say yes. Create a personal hashtag to document your journey, #SayYesToTheBess (if your new last name would be Bess - see what I did there? Once things settle in, now is the time to start keeping tract of your wedding planning process and you can start with a notebook from Effie's Paper. Trust me, you are going to need to keep all your thoughts in one organize place. There's a lot to remember and a lot to forget, so let's make it pop like champagne. Speaking of writing things down, here is a guide to help you along on your planning journey - Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer | A 14-Page Guide

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And there you have it. The first of many to come so, pace yourself and have fun. Still need more tip and ideas? read the following posts:

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PRE-WEDDING PARTY: The Engagement Party
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