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Unusual Wine Pairing: 5 Delicious Food And Wine Combination You Haven’t Tried | Written By: Sara O. Brown

Unusual Wine Pairing: 5 Delicious Food And Wine Combination You Haven’t Tried

Unusual Wine Pairing: 5 Delicious Food And Wine Combination You Haven’t Tried

Our taste buds are always hungry to explore new flavors. And who doesn’t get a watery mouth on even the thought of pairing your favorite food with delicious wines?

Wines are as diverse as the options of foods available to us. These magic drinks just make a perfect match with many dishes adding to the delectableness of your favorite food.
Pairing them always makes a scrumptious combination.

There’s no end to the variety of wines available and the food you can pair with them for a perfect combination. Whether it’s a party, get-together or some guests you’ve to serve, you can always have some exotic and novel pairings of wine and food which no one is ever going to forget.

Here are five wine pairings with food that you may see as unusual but actually act as a match made in heaven:

Sparkling Rose and Sushi

Sparkling wine is the extra fermented wine with bubbles providing a perfect drink for any celebratory occasion. It’s available as red, white and rose sparkling wine. Among the Sparkling Rose wines, there are 2 types – Dry Strawberry Floral and the Off-dry Strawberry Floral.

Though it’s preferred during summers, its usage can be widened.

Sushi, as we know, is a traditional Japanese dish which is getting trendy throughout the world now.

The soy sauce and horseradish paste, with a sweet ginger tang of the sushi, sit best with a Sparkling Rose like the Ruinart Brut Rose champagne which is a soft, finely structured wine with a ripe, mouth-filling and softly creamy taste and a rounded aftertaste.

This strawberry fruit wine balanced by rich acidity adds to the warm, mild and starchy essence of sushi.

An alternate to Ruinart is the Moët & Chandon NV Rosé Impérial Champagne which is a dry, crisp and bright fruity Rose. It has a yeasty aftertaste and would make a match with sushi as good as the Ruinart.

Unusual Wine Pairing: 5 Delicious Food And Wine Combination You Haven’t Tried

Vinho Verde and Indian Food

The criterion of choosing wine with Indian food is based on the fact that it’s intensely flavored and very spicy. There are a number of curries, chutneys, and sauces associated with Indian food. Thus being so complex, it demands a simple and mild drink to be paired with to bring a balance to the overall tasting.

White wines are produced from green and black grapes. Some are rich and creamy while some are light and zesty.

The Portuguese white wine from the vineyards of Vinho Verde thus called Vinho Verde after the name of the region suits best to the needs of Indian food. It’s a very affordable wine and is light, bubbly, and crisp perfectly matching the spicy and intense Indian food. It’s also called green wine.

It’s best suited to the green sauces which are cooked with creams, onions, and spices and also with green coriander chutney. Vinho Verde highlights the herbal element in these dishes.
So with a green sauce, a green wine is a perfect match!

Vinho Verde is matched with similarly spicy Thai food and generally with seafood.

Unusual Wine Pairing: 5 Delicious Food And Wine Combination You Haven’t Tried

Shiraz and Chili

Shiraz belongs to the category of fruity, dry redwines. It’s associated with blueberry and blackberry and is a spicy beverage. It’s named after its place of origin, Shiraz of Iran. It’s also called Syrah.

Chili refers to any kind of meat which is cooked with red or green chili peppers and various spices. It’s thus a robust and bold dish and requires a wine with a lot of texture.

The Chili con carne is the most common chili followed by Chili Verde, Carne Adovada, and Cincinnati Chili. Shiraz has a sweet tannin finish along with rich texture and thus is suited best to chill with any type of Chili.

The Beckmen Vineyards Syrah given to its silky texture with black dark fruits over mineral on the palate is suited to any kind of chili.

Chili requires being paired with a Shiraz from warm climatic zones like Argentina, Spain and South Africa etc. It offers a smokiness to pair perfectly with the taste of Chili con carne that includes meats like beef, venison, and bacon.

Unusual Wine Pairing: 5 Delicious Food And Wine Combination You Haven’t Tried

Tawny Port and Pumpkin Pie

Tawny port is a barrel-aged, nutty oxidized fortified dessert wine also from Portugal. Dessert wines are very sweet and thus meant to be consumed in the form of desserts as named so.

The tawny port tastes like caramel and nut and has more sweetness than other port wines. It comes in flavors of graphite, green peppercorn, hazelnut, almond, butterscotch and graham cracker.

The pumpkin pie has a flavor of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and allspice. The cinnamon provides a sweet fragrance and the ginger gives a spicy tinge to the taste combined with the rich flavor of pumpkin.

Of course, the tawny port acts as a highlighter to the appetizing tang of the pumpkin pie ingredients. It has a buttered toffee and smoky vanilla themed taste perfectly matching with the pumpkin pie.
A Krohn Porto or a Ramos Pinto Porto Quinta De Ervamoira would make a perfect Tawny port for your pumpkin pie.

Unusual Wine Pairing: 5 Delicious Food And Wine Combination You Haven’t Tried

 Chardonnay and bleu cheese

Chardonnay is a rich, creamy and nutty dry white wine. White wines are usually drunk cold, with lighter foods such as poultry and fish. Chardonnay is the most common type of white wine with a fruity and often oaky flavor.

Bleu cheese has a melt-in-your-mouth texture like butter and a flavor of burnt caramel. It’s a bit moist and crumbly cheese and has a spicy tinge of taste owning to penicillium roqueforti.

The bleu cheese must be paired with a heavily oaked Chardonnay.
Shropshire, English Stilton and Harbourne Blue or Vermont-made Bayley Hazen Blue are the styles of bleu cheese that pair well with Chardonnay. The fudgy texture and sweet, salty flavor of this cheese go well with a big, buttery Chardonnay.

So stop getting your satisfaction from the old pairings of food and wine and try something new from these five unusual pairings.

While experimenting with different foods which seem utterly mismatched and unusual to each other, we often find some unique tastes which turn out to be better than the ones we’re used to and when it comes to pairing food with wine, there is really no end to valuable options providing outstanding tastes.

In his book The Art of French Cooking, Fernande Garvin remarked: “Wine makes a symphony of a good meal”.What he said has seen restated by Julia Chil in her lines: “Wine is meant to be with food - that’s the point of it.”

The same statement has been given by a number of wine-lovers in history and is, in fact, true if you are a wine lover too.

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Sara O. Brown is a working mom, lives with her dentist husband and her adorable dog, Casper. She is passionate about traveling and cooking. She has been a regular contributor for-

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