26 Party Trends That Need To STOP!

26 Party Trends That Need To STOP - EventSoJudith

We're half way through with 2017 and if you're planning on hosting a party or planning on getting married this year, you have a little over three months to get your set your plans. No that wasn't a typo, If you haven't booked your venue and contacted a planner yet, you are behind in the planning process. No worries, I'll help as much as I can, but you really need to book a venue NOW!

For the rest of us, venue is booked and date is set, you finally decided on a theme and now it's time to add in all the bells and whistles that's going to make your party epic. Before you start jotting down ideas and games, If you haven't read 19 Money-Saving Tips for Your Next Party, now would be a great time to go and read it.

26 Party Trends That Need To STOP - EventSoJudith, Money Savings Tips, Trends, Weddings, Parties

Back to the party, with the explosion of social media, ideas are a dime a dozen. While we all want to thinking of games, food ideas and decorations, remember your budget and all those overused ideas floating around on Instagram and Facebook. Some of those ideas are well, outdated, expensive or just plain old tacky. I know I'm going to get some resistance to some of these but if you think about it, some of those ideas are money-suckers and can put a dent in your party budget.

Less is better and keeping things simple and classy is always in.

What are some of those ideas I speak of? And these not withstanding the over-the-top parties that I've seen on Pinterest, which also need to stop, some of these trends are just a waste of time and money and no one will miss them.

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1. Candy Table

Over the past couple of years, candy tables were EVERYWHERE, from kids birthdays to weddings. As much fun as they can be, they have overstayed their welcome and it's time they go. First a candy-filled table can get expensive, especially if your goal is to have a color themed table. Between the candy vases, props and ordering all those pink and brown candy, it all adds up. Not to mention, NO ONE EATS THAT MUCH CANDY in one sitting. Now you're left with bags and bags of candies (that you yourself don't really eat) and it's not even Halloween.

ALTERNATIVE: If you must have one, opt for a smaller version of the table. Three candy vase and some props. throw some sweets on the table and that will help minimize the cost and hopefully no big left overs.

26 Party Trends That Need To STOP - EventSoJudith, Sweets, Sweet Table, Dessert, Table,

2. Big Bridal Party

Where do I begin with this one? First picking your bridesmaid or groomsmen is an important step of the wedding process - although I've seen and been to weddings with none at all - you have to pick people that you know can and will fulfill their obligations. If your wedding party is 12-people deep and only 6 bridesmaids/groomsmen paid for their outfits, that can cause a problem and chasing after people to do their part. Remember what we said earlier, KEEP IT SIMPLE! your cousin from California that you haven't seen in two years don't need to be part of your wedding party. Let them come as a guest and celebrate your day. There's more to been a bridesmaid/groomsmen (and I'll touch more on that on a later post) then meets the eye. Avoid the stress by keeping your wedding party small and intimate. You'll have more fun, I promised.

3. Wedding Favors

I've mentioned this before, YOU ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO HAND OUT FAVORS to every guests that showed up. Yes it's nice gesture and a great way to say thank you, but seriously, some of your guests may have shown up without a gift for you, while they dine and be entertained free of charge.

ALTERNATIVE: If you insist on having favors, keep it simple and affordable a.k.a cheap. Buy some scratch off tickets - someone might win $500 and they'll appreciate that more than that 2x2 picture frame that no one uses. See more great ideas on our previous post >>>> 10 Unique Gifts Your Guest Will Want

4. Throwing the Bouquet / Garter Belt

I was NEVER a fan of this old tradition and lately, it seems to have gotten worse. Just think, you're in a beautiful dress and the bride decides to throw her bouquet. Women flocked to the floor and what it can only be describe as wrestle mania, they pushed and throw each other to the floor to catch the bouquet, all in the hopes of being the next lucky bride. Your beautiful dress is now rip and footsteps on the bottom of the dress. Not a good look. Same thing for the men throwing the garter belt. First of all it's tacky to have him kneel in front of you, while fumbling for a belt underneath your gown and to throw it around like a football. STOP DOING THIS!

5. Donut Walls

Need I say more? This does not belong at a formal event. Well, Judith what about a kid's birthday? If you don't mind having food hanging on a nail, while little hands touch and poke different each ones and not eating them, by all means go ahead but NO THANK YOU.

6. Burlap

This trend exploded in the past couple of years also, but now it's getting old. Burlap goes fine in an outdoor setting or barn-like event, but please let's not mix themes and venues up. Burlap does not belong in a beautiful chandelier-ballroom.

7. Elaborate Bridesmaid Proposals

When I became a bridesmaid, my bride-to-be popped the question in a form of a small puzzle, which was super cute. No need to have a "gift box/bag" filled with personalize wine, expensive chocolate, t-shirt, beauty items and a silver bracelet. This is one of those things you keep small and personal, great place to do a DIY project. And think, if you ignored number 2 on this list, you'll have a lot of cutting an gluing to do.


26 Party Trends That Need To STOP - EventSoJudith, Sweetheart, Table, Bridesmaids, Gifts, Table Design, You and Me, Ideas

There are ton more ideas online, do your research.

8. Sand Ceremonies

Sand Ceremonies goes great with a  beach theme wedding anything outside of that, I just don't see the purpose. This is more of a time killer than anything. Leave as much hours as possible for dancing.

9. Thumbprint Guestbook

Okay, I have to admit, when I first saw this I thought it was cute and unique. Then I started to think about having my fingerprints on a canvas in someone's house which they may or may not display and may or may not lose and well, forget it. Let go back to pen and paper.

10. Signature Cocktails

Not everyone is going to want to drink your special wedding day concoction. Before you go out and buy all the liquor to make a cranberry-Hennessey-vodka-sangria and no one is drinking it, KEEP IT SIMPLE. Wine, beer and maybe one popular cocktail is all you need.


Cotton Candy Cocktail
Top champagne with cotton candy for a fun and colorful beverage

Sparkling Punch Recipe
Stir together 1 (12-oz.) can frozen pink lemonade concentrate, thawed, and 4 cups white cranberry juice cocktail in a large pitcher. Cover and chill 1 to 24 hours. Stir in 1 qt. club soda, chilled, just before serving. Garnish, if desired, with fresh mint sprigs.
For Champagne Punch, substitute 1 (750-milliliter) bottle extra-dry Champagne or sparkling wine and 1/4 cup orange liqueur for club soda, proceed with recipe as directed.
(recipes were found on Southernliving.com)

11. Cupcake Cakes

Kid's' birthday acceptable but no where else. I don't care how elaborate those cupcakes are. Not only special designed cupcakes are expensive, they are also topped with heavy fondant to create special design. No one needs that much fondant in a single bite.

12. Macaroons

Another one favorite of mine, I have to admit, but It's time to move on from them. Stick to the basic desserts if you must.

13. Choreographed Danced Routine for Husband

Ever since BeyoncĂ© debut her Formation video/tour, every where you look, brides and bridesmaids were getting in formation. The only reason this is on the list is because no one wants to stand there and watch the bride perform a sexy dance for her husband. Save it for the honeymoon night. Something light and fun is always a plus, but once it turns into a striptease then it's just tacky.

14. Confetti (heart shape etc...)

They should just stop making them. NO WAIT! We need them for New Year's Eve, after that, limit their productions. Most reception halls don't allow them anyways, so waste your money on them.

15. Personalize Hershey Kisses

You just paid $80 for each 20 personalized stickers to put at the BOTTOM of a Hershey kiss, that not everyone will see, and those who do, will awe for two seconds, then ripped it apart and eat the chocolate. Not worth the price.

16. Expensive Wedding Gowns or Dress

If you're an A-List celebrity then a $7,000 dress is nothing, but for the average woman it's just not feasible. "Mind your Budget" don't use a big chunk of your budget on a designer dress. Your guest will see how you look in it NOT who designed it. You may know that's a Vera Wang dress, but your guest will just see a dress. So who are you trying to impress? If you're looking for something high-end, try Nordstrom, Dillard's or Bloomingdales. You'll be surprise at the finds in there.

17. Special Wedding Day Champagne Flutes

I think those are tackiest thing ever created. You know the champagne flutes that's sprayed-paint to look like a little tuxedo and a bridal gown. I mean are you ever going to use them again? waste of money. KEEP IT SIMPLE.

18. Edible Flowers

I was intrigue by this trend at first, but will you really get your guest to eat flowers? Having edible Dahlias on your desert will cost you extra and will to only be put to the side and not eaten. A complete waste of money.

19. Emoji-Themed Parties

Cute for kids and no one else. Even that is getting overrated. Why? because everyone goes for the poop emoji or heart-eye face, #tacky

20. Expensive Balloon Displays

I've seen a declined on elaborate balloon creations. Another party items that can get pricey. I went to a corporate even where it was made into an underwater arch, super cute, but are you ready to shell out some serious cash for that???

21. Mocktails (fake drinks for kids)

Here is my problem with these. Kids nowadays are so impressionable, we know that's just apple juice and not wine but in their mind we telling them drinks goes best with parties. let them be kids and get a juice boxes that's a lot cheaper.

22. Pinatas

Hopefully little Johnny don't get knock out with the stick, every parent nightmare. Have pre-made goody bags, that works out better. And beside kids fighting over the last lollypop not a good look. The pull ones have the same end results. There are more creative ways to entertain kids and pass out candies that the parents don't really want them to have anyways...LOL

23. Pineapple-Themed Parties

It's just getting out of hands. Why yes I do have a pineapple tank top and flip flops from Old Navy but that doesn't mean I want to eat and drink everything pineapples.

24. RSVP Cards

They get thrown out and/or never returned. Assigned someone to keep tabs on your guests list.

25. Over-The-Top Sweetheart Tables

The couple may sit there for combine total of one hour for the entire night. do you really need the gold candelabra, the hydrangeas and orchids, the Mr. and Mrs. sign, the big key and all the other stuff that would go on there? I will do a later post on designing the perfect sweetheart table, but for now KEEP IT SIMPLE.

26 Party Trends That Need To STOP - EventSoJudith, Beach, Wedding, Table for Two, Rustic, Chic,, Design

26. Flower Crowns

When did this trend take hold? I missed it or maybe it came with the Snapchat filters that everyone uses now. Either way it's been overused.

There you have it!

I'm sure you can think of some more, why not drop it in the comments section. Remember, at the end of the day, you do what makes you happy, but if you are looking to close money loopholes in your budget consider eliminating some of these things. You'll thank me later for it.

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